Dr. Saina Shirazi

Pedodontist DDS, MS, Educational Manager

Dr Saina Shirazi graduated as a DDS from Shahid Beheshti Medical University(Tehran,Iran) in1994. She was board certified in pediatric dentistry in the year 2000, from Shahid Beheshti Medical University and has completed the intensive post graduate course of hospital dentistry in the University of Pacific (San Francisco,USA).

She received her fellowship in hospital dentistry in the year 2011 from SBMU. During these years she has worked as an assistant professor in Jundishapour Dental School,Ahwaz,Iran.

in the same course of years she has worked in the research department of Shahid Beheshti dental school.

In her years of expertise as a pedodontist, she has treated more than 3000 children with systemically compromised conditions under general anesthesia or conscious sedation.

Dr Saina Shirazi has been awarded as the second place in the National Board exam of pediatric dentistry in 2000.

She has been published due to her many articles and abstracts in scientific journals. She is co-founder of a private study club in Iran. During these years she has been a lecturer in different C.E programs in scientific conferences and workshops.