Introduction to Biomimetic Dentistry


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Course Date
Wednesday, June 14, 2023
1 Hour
Time of Registration
  • 7:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Introduction to Biomimetic Dentistry

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Course Description

Biomimetic Dentistry or Advanced Adhesive Dentistry is a disciplinary method for restoring dental caries 
that is dedicated to keeping the pulp vital, keep the teeth structure as much as possible and restore it 
with advanced bonding protocols to mimic the natural tooth. This Method is derived from thousands of 
dental papers written throughout the last 30 years. 

Course Aim & Objectives

In this disciplinary method, dentists will learn about: 

  • The importance of the vital pulp tissue
  • To what extend the affected dental tissue should be removed
  • How to identify and remove cracks 
  • The importance of perfect isolation and how to correctly apply rubber dam 
  • The important aspects of dental histology related to this topic 
  • Gold Standard dentin bonding systems, how to apply them and how to make the most out of it 
  • Immediate dentin sealing and Resin coating 
  • Cavity Configuration factors and the ways in which one can overcome the negative effects of dental material shrinkage stresses 
  • Stress reduced direct composite restorations 
  • Semi direct and indirect Composite restorations 
  • Checking the occlusion 

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